The most complete, stable and economic financial solution on the market – composed of an application cluster responding to an operational efficiency model designed to accelerate and optimize decision-making and definitions of processes and strategies, thus, maintaining regulations and standards guaranteeing the achievement of company goals, as well as sustained institutional growth.

Logic Debita

The most reliable solution for debit card management which performs many vital functions including request management, plastic issuance, security passcode management, and the control of issued numbers and renewals.

Logic Inventory+

The most dynamic commercial solution combines billing management, accounting, and inventory of any large, middle or small business – designed in a way allowing users to adapt easily to a particular process of the company.

Logic eTranServer

The most precise and convergent solution on the market for the interconnection of electronic transactions among different originators and the banking core.

"We specialize in the development of custom software applications; ensuring scalability and adaptation of the applications as your business grows."


    Advice on network architecture for data analysis, design and implementation.

    Server management, analysis, implementation and maintenance management for most commonly used servers.

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    We provide competitive solutions to adapt the product to the new requirements as your company grows.

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    We want to be seen by our customers as strategic partners, as they trust to receive high quality, affordable and flexible solutions to their needs and technological demands.

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